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Please check the comparison table and choose the plan which suits you best. For any fruther question please use the form located on the bottom of the page.

  IAS Software Standard IAS Software Professional
Software Updates
Software Modules
All modules are available free of charge
Daily Limit (Software) Enough to serve a small workshop Enough to serve a big workshop
Daily Limit (Support) 2 files 5 files
Support Request (Free Services) DPF Removal, EGR Removal, DTC Removal, Swirl FLAPS Removal, O2/Lambda Removal, AdBlue Removal, Warm Start Fix, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Removal, Torque Monitoring Removal, Throttle Valve Actuator (TVA) Removal DPF Removal, EGR Removal, DTC Removal, Swirl FLAPS Removal, O2/Lambda Removal, AdBlue Removal, Warm Start Fix, Launch Control, VMax Removal, Rev Limiter, Original File Request, Tuning (Remap) Request, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Removal, Torque Monitoring Removal, Throttle Valve Actuator (TVA) Removal, X17 ECU Clone Service, Immobilizer File Request, Airbag File Request
All other services are paid. All services are free. Only Tuning (Remap) Request is limited to 2 modified files during support subscription.
Free Tuning Request
Annual Fee €400.00 €700.00
Upgrades Upgrade to Professional: €1,200.00
Upgrade for IAS Checksum Tool Only: €500.00
Upgrade for IAS BMW FSC Only: €500.00
Price: €1,500.00 €2,000.00

IAS Software is an advanced automotive application designed for professionals as much as for beginners. After a many years of experience in the automotive business we decide to make many working solutions and put them all inside the IAS Software. It is easy to use with nice and clean GUI. Database is updating and growing almost every single day including new algorithms. Dedicated professional online support.

Please take a note of this before purchasing:

Sharing account details, any part of IAS software or additional files to third-party are violation of our main rules. In such cases your account will be blocked without your prior notice and any refund.

For security reasons IAS have built-in autoblocking function If number of generated files or calculated codes is more than require for personal use. Limit of calculations is well enough to serve from a small workshop to a several workshops for one day. Generating files and/or calculation of codes for "testing purposes", analysis of algorithms and similiar may also cause blocking your IAS account.

We are also providing professional support and consulting services provided by our developers to help you to find a quick and affordable solution. Experienced experts are available to answer questions, share their experience and help you to solve problems as quick as possible. The annual fee is NOT mandatory except the IAS Special Function module (it requires active support subscription).

Please click each function to get more information about the module

IAS Special Function   IAS Special Function - NEW way of processing files for DPF, EGR, ADBlue, Lambda, TVA... etc.
IAS Key Tool   IAS Key Tool (IKT)
IAS Airbag Cleaner   IAS Airbag Cleaner
IAS Immobilizer Decoder   IAS Immobilizer Decoder
IAS DMP2PIN Generator   IAS DMP2PIN Generator
Honda/Acura PCM Generator (VIN2PCM)   Honda/Acura PCM Generator (VIN2PCM)
Multiple VIN2PIN Calculator (VIN2PIN)   Multiple VIN2PIN Calculator (VIN2PIN) - Hyndai/Kia/General Motors/Qirui/Chery
Nissan/Infiniti BCM2 Calculator   Nissan/Infiniti BCM2 Calculator (BCM2PIN)
PATS Login Calculator   PATS Login Calculator - Ford/Mazda/Jaguar/Land Rover... etc.
SMART Teach-In Calculator   SMART Teach-In Calculator
Mercedes Key Data Generation (EZS/EIS)   Mercedes Key Data Generator (EZS/EIS)
ME7.3 EEprom Tool   ME7.3 EEprom Tool - Fiat/Alfa/Lancia/Ferrari
IAS X17 Immo Decoder   IAS X17 Immo Decoder
IAS DPF Remover   IAS DPF Remover
IAS EGR Remover   IAS EGR Remover
IAS DTC Remover   IAS DTC Remover
IAS Lambda Remover   IAS Lambda Remover
IAS AdBlue Remover   IAS AdBlue Remover
IAS SGO Tool   IAS SGO Tool - VAS .SGO Flash Files Extraction
IAS Checksum Tool   IAS BMW FSC Utilities - FSC File Generator/Maps Code Generator
IAS Checksum Tool   IAS Checksum Tool - More than 100 checksum plugins available
IAS Dump Tool   IAS Dump Tool - Tool for transferring changes between 2 files into the 3rd file.
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